About Us

Midlands Millroom Supply, Inc. manufactures rubber processing equipment by combining its extensive technological experience with highly skilled associates to produce the most cost-effective solutions on the market today.
Meet Our Team
Originally, our company was conceived and founded to produce rubber processing equipment for mixing systems in North America, providing high-value solutions while also paying strict attention to cost containment. We have since grown horizontally by integrating weighing and feeding, rubber transfer conveyors, strip production, stacking and winding equipment, and upstream and downstream equipment for rubber extruders and calenders, as well as offering spares/service/installation. We have also shown vertical growth through providing hundreds of solutions to rubber and tire companies worldwide.
The future of Midlands should be exciting to all of our customers, employees, and supply chain partners as we move forward, not only in growth of our customer base, but also through the use of new and innovative products paired with the best talent available.