Midlands - Midwest

      Midlands Millroom Supply, Inc. of Canton, Ohio, specializes in the design and build of machinery and automation systems for rubber processing, as well as Material Handling automation and systems integration services, recently opened a manufacturing and service support center located in Illinois. The Service Support Center, Midlands Midwest, will supply equipment and services to customers in the Midwest.
      Midlands, a Global supplier is celebrating its 25 years of operation in 2016. Midlands has continued to expand its business in automation, special machines and material handling systems with opening the Illinois subsidiary. Midlands of Canton, Ohio will continue with its in-house design, fabrication and manufacturing and supplying equipment and services throughout the world.

Jeff Stadler Joins Midlands

      Midlands Millroom Supply, Inc., of Canton, Ohio, Jeff Stadler has joined Midlands Millroom Supply, Inc. as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Midlands, specializes in design and build of process machinery and Automation Systems and integration services in the Tire and Rubber market. Midlands also serves as a global supplier of Automation and Material Handling equipment and System Integrator in General Markets, including automotive and non-automotive and Heavy Industry.
      The Products and Services provided for the past 25 years from Midlands, including special machines, conveyors, assembly process automation and complete Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) are all designed and manufactured in house at their Canton, Ohio facility.
      Jeff brings with him over 39 years of experience in Design and Engineering, Project Management and Corporate Management, Sales and Service background in the automation and special machines market. Jeff, while working closely with the Midlands team to continue to develop products and processes that will assist the growth and sustainability of Midlands for years to come, will lead the Sales team in expanding the customer base for Midlands.
      Midlands is celebrating its 25 years of operation in 2016.

Midlands - Green Tire Storage Solution

      Midlands Millroom Supply, Inc., of Canton, Ohio, recently finalized the integration of a large Green Tire Storage system. The patent pending solution is the first of its kind in operation in the United States. The concept behind the system will account for both large truck and automotive tire applications and is expandable to accommodate large quantities of high volume tires to be manufactured.
      Upon expanding its product offerings and services, Midlands has also expanded its facility and now has a Manufacturing and Service Center located in Illinois. Midlands Midwest, operates a full complement of fabrication and manufacturing resources from the Illinois facility.
      Midlands, a Global supplier specializing in tire and rubber processing equipment and Material Handling Automation Systems and Integration, is celebrating its 25th year of operations in 2016.