Our Team

Employee Committment to Midlands:
  • To supply the world with technologically advanced millroom equipment
  • To construct each machine with quality, pride, and a sense of urgency
  • To attend to every detail with enthusiasm and finesse
  • To treat each customer with respect, honesty, and professionalism
  • To acquire the knowledge needed to become the world leader in millroom equipment​
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Fred Clark, President/Advisor

Founder of Midlands Millroom Supply, Inc., with over 45 years of experience in engineering, sales, and manufacuturing, derived mainly from my career in the Tire and Rubber Industries. I truly enjoy being involved with ideas from their concept phase, through their development, and finally observing them producing products exceeding the initial expectations.

e-mail: fred.clark@midlandsmillroom.com
Phone: (330) 453-9100 ext. 100

Phil Rastok, Application and Controls Manager

As Project Manager at Midlands, I make every effort to guarantee that our designs meet or exceed the needs of our customers. Every customer's specifications are thoroughly reviewed, and our designs are modified to match their requirements. As Manager of Controls Engineering, I work to ensure that the machine operation will conform to customer needs, as well as function in a friendly manner for the operator. Customer satisfaction is my main priority.

e-mail: phil.rastok@midlandsmillroom.com
Phone: (330) 453-9100 ext. 102

Rod Cunningham, Manufacturing Director

Having over 30 years of experience in building equipment, and 18 years in the rubber industry, I know what it takes to make a reliable and efficient machine. At Midlands, my objective is to make sure that our products are up to the high standards of myself, Midlands, and our customers. As Executive Vice President and General manager, I take pride in knowing that our customers are receiving the highest quality machines that we have to offer.

e-mail: rod.cunningham@midlandsmillroom.com
Phone: (330) 453-9100 ext. 101

John Husser, Spare Parts and Service Manager

At Midlands, my goal is to provide superior service, not just during the sale, but after the sale as well. I do my best to make every effort to listen and respond to customers' needs, to find optimal process solutions, and assist in emergency outage situations, as well as provide reliable 24-hour inspection, preventative maintenance and spare parts services. I take great care to ensure customer satisfaction on every level. I will perform, so that you can achieve.

Phone: (330) 453-9100 ext. 200

Tim Ruppelli, Sales Engineer

My role at Midlands is more than just sales. I strive to build long lasting relationships with our customers by listening carefully to their requirements and following through on promises. I relish being on site and rolling up my sleeves to cooperatively figure out the best possible solution for our customer’s needs. My mechanical background and experience in capital equipment, automation, and project management allow me to understand, and pay attention to, the details that are important in providing equipment with a superior value.

e-mail: tim.ruppelli@midlandsmillroom.com
Phone: (330) 453-9100 ext. 221

Wayne Brock, Sales Engineer

As a sales engineer with over 15 years experience in Industrial and Material Handling sales, I strive to be a total solution provider for our customers. Whether it is Automation, Assembly, Material Handling, or Robotic cells Midland's Solutions will meet or exceed our customers expectations.

e-mail: Wayne.brock@midlandsmillroom.com
Phone: (330) 453-9100 ext. 233