Midlands has assembled an in-house team of associates and support groups to provide a complete manufacturing program including mechanical and electrical engineers, software programmers, mechanical and electrical technicicans, welders, fitters, assemblymen, and installation and field service technicians, as well as sales and administrative support. With this in-house team and dedication to rubber processing equipment, Midlands can offer unparalleled support and quality.

Manufacturing Program

Midlands' product range can be broadly defined as rubber processing equipment, which is used extensively throughout rubber mixing systems, and has expanded to include extrusion and calender anciliary equipment, often used in the rubber manufacturing process. All of Midlands machines can be provided in either imperical or metric sizings with ease. Our company is unique in that all product design and manufacturing is done under the same roof, thereby ensuring the quality and accuracy of production.

Batch-off Machines

Midlands is well known as a world leader in rubber processing equipment, due in part to our extensive program of batch-off machines made for virtually all types of rubber mixing requirements. Whether it be a 10 Liter system or a 620 Liter system, we have the right batch-off to offer you.

Transfer Systems

Midlands' mixed rubber transfer systems are part of a complete program of handling the batch from a mixer to downstream equipment such as a sheeter (twin tapered screw extruder) or a mill.

Weighing and Feeding

Weighing and feeding of powders, oils, bales, and wig-wag materials: Midlands has developed a full range of equipment used in the weighing and feeding of the raw materials used in the preparation of materials for rubber mixing.

Mill Accessories

No mill would be complete without these special enhancements to improve productivity.

Extruder/Calender Handling Equipment

Midlands has extended its comprehensive rubber handling experience to include anciliary equipment and extruder and calender systems.

Specialized Rubber Handling Equipment

Rounding out our complete rubber processing lineup, special handling equipment such as EPDM roofing equipment, scrap handling, and steel pallets and totes add another layer of efficiency to your millroom.


Automation continues to gain significance in today's equipment executions. Over the years, Midlands has improved its controls expertise and experience, and continues to do so every day.

Installation Services

Any successful project is incomplete until it is fully operational at the customer's site. Midlands can provide a complete and timely installation service with our skilled workers.